A Study Of Color In A Barcelona Home

Featured in Apartamento magazine, Casa Horta is a 1920s single-family home in Barcelona that is finally boasting its true colors. Its most recent owner, designer Guillermo Santomà, refurbished the home in an exciting way that still feels natural to the space. By using bold pops of pink, blue and green to function as art, personality and intuitive design, Santomà was able to create a fluid space while still using the geometries of the house, along with the contrasts in color, to carve out each room.


The monochromatic rooms playfully interact through doorways, windows and open spaces, allowing colors to contrast, contradict, and compliment one another. A bright faux skyline peeks out from the sleek edges and jutting angles of the surrounding space. The mix of Spanish tile and an 80’s vibe proves to be a wonderful finish for this gorgeous three-story home.



Photos by José Hevia



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