A Study Of Color In A Barcelona Home

Featured in Apartamento magazine, Casa Horta is a 1920s single-family home in Barcelona that is finally boasting its true colors. Its most recent owner, designer Guillermo Santomà, refurbished the home in an exciting way that still feels natural to the space. By using bold pops of pink, blue and green to function as art, personality and intuitive design, Santomà was able to […]

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“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t” – Shakespeare Following his debut sell-out solo show in January 2015, visual artist Nick Smith returns to London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery with a new body of work inspired by erotic literature. Marking 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, Paramour employs Nick Smith’s signature ‘colour-chip’ methodology, combining modern […]


A Trip Through Northern Morocco

“In her work, photographer Claudia Corrent explores the relationship between people and the environment, a theme which sees her traveling the world. We’ve featured Corrent’s photography before, and her work has already appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair and Der Spiegel. One of her excursions led her to Morocco, where she captured the country’s richness in vast […]

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‘How To Ride…Bitches’

Director Alex Vivian, who previously showed guys how to ride bitch on a motorcycle, is back with a new tutorial video—and this time it’s targeted at women. Titled ‘How To Ride…Bitches’, the sensual, blush-inducing video will teach women how to ride a motorcycle with a fellow lady friend. Some seated positions include “the twin peaks”, […]

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