Hypnotic Collages by Luis Dourado

“The Garden” and “Moons” are two new collage series from Berlin-based, Portuguese artist and illustrator Luis Dourado that attempt to deconstruct natural elements and re-build them into hypnotic new configurations. From the small scale of petals and leaves to the big scale of the moon, both series successfully manage to distort reality in visually captivating and thought-provoking ways.


Although the two series are quite distinct in subject matter and mood, they were both conceived when the artist came across a certain book. In the case of “The Garden”, it was an old book about domestic gardening, found in a give-away box while Dourado was walking home in Berlin. The book provided both the inspiration and the source material, as its illustrated pages were carefully sliced and then physically used for the collages.



Dourado has always been intrigued by the moon —as a child he used to sneak into the balcony in the middle of the night to stare at it— and the “Moons” (2016) series is his take on its power to captivate us. Unlike “The Garden” collages that combine two or more pictures, each digital print of this series is made out of a single image of the moon. The manipulation is very precise and mathematical, with no element added or subtracted from the original picture. Although immediately recognisable, the new images present a fictional moon, a transmuted planet that retains the original’s characteristics but behaves unexpectedly, with “each artwork witnessing a bizarre episode” in its life.



All images ©  Luis Dourado.



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