“I edited everything myself, sometimes with a hard-on.” Martin Sek watched hours of porn to make the music video for “Narcose,” a song by the Parisian band Meteor.

For centuries, kaleidoscopes have kept children busy with their colorful, hypnotic shapes. “Narcose” puts an adult spin on kaleidoscopic imagery. On October 5, Meteor’s Adastra EP was officially released on Parisian label SEML. Sek’s video is a brief look into Meteor’s broader musical atmosphere: electronic sound as sensual as it is sexual.

Images of bodies blending together and brief visuals of the faces of climaxing individuals make for a very suggestive viewing experience. Feet appear in strange shapes, as do undulating breasts and other body parts. The suggestiveness of the imagery lies in subtlety.

The true intrigue of the video, however, is in its implicitness. It is art in the shape of softcore porn. “It is very organic, but also sexual enough to be able to imagine the rest of the picture,” Sek tells The Creators Project. 

”I wanted to use the same structure as porn. The video starts calmly, and ends explosively. The whole thing matches the intensity of the music as the excitement builds. But the tension lies in the fact that very little is shown. It’s all just a clue. The video is a riddle,” he explains.

Riddle or not, Sek’s video has already been removed from Youtube, a reminder that the line between art and porn can be slim. Sek concludes, “Art is used to jerk the mind. Porn is just used to jerk, I guess. But internet has fucked up the distinction.”



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