Capture d’écran 2014-07-07 à 16.01.08

Tom Trago’s video for “The Elite” is a trip.
The opening notes of loungy jazz introduce grainy footage from an early 1990s club night before Trago’s stabby-synthed house appropriation of the sample kicks in and you’re transported into a first person perspective.

The video is populated by gurned-out partiers in baggy t-shirts appearing and re-appearing under flashing lights, raving and making out and getting lost in the crowd. On a couple of occasions, the track falls back into the symphonic samples from the intro and you’re lulled into a false sense of finality before the stabs kick back in and the party starts all over again.

The whole thing is like Enter the Void meets Human Traffic. Thankfully, you don’t die at the end of this one.


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