In an attempt to show the different styles of Russian folk painting, Sasha Vinogradova, a russian designer based in Los Angeles, created something more interesting when she replaced the traditional painting subjects.


Mezen painting was named according to the location where this kind of art was conceived. Mezen painting is the most ancient among the Russian artistic handicraft industries. The restrained color, where the black outline emphasizes the strained sounding of the brownish-red color. Ornaments have stingy and relative graphic form.


Gzhel is a style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel and surrounding area, where it has been produced since 1802.
The earliest pieces were created of earthenware. The pottery was painted solid white with distinctive blue designs.


This style of painting was conceived in the area of the North Dvina river. It included a lot of symbols. A composition of these elements create a unique painting. Frequently used symbols and motifs like the tree of life, bird Siriu, lion, griffin, bear, mermaid. Colors – white background and red, green and yellow elements with black strokes.


Khokhloma painting is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament, known for its vivid flower patterns, red and gold colors over a black background, and the effect it has when applied to wooden tableware or furniture, making it look heavier and metal-like.


Zhostovo painting is an old Russian folk handicraft of painting on metal trays. It appeared in the early 19th century mainly. Painting is done in a few consecutive energetic and firm strokes with a soft brush and oil paints, richly diluted with lineseed oil. the most widely used motif of the Zhostovo painting is a bunch of mixed garden and wild flowers, which is simple and laconic in its essence.


Gorodets painting sprang from carved Gorodets distaffs that were manufactured in villages nearby Gorodets town in the Nizhmi Novgorod Region. Gorodets artists traditionally paint genre senes, images of birds and animals (roosters, horses, leopards, etc.) and flower patterns.


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