Professor P & DJ Akilles album ”The Realism”, released earlier this years, was praised by both listeners and critics. Now, eight months later they are ready to launch the first video of their still untitled EP, which will be released early 2013. ”Pro & Ak For President” is a classic hip-hop banger with a chopped sample, verses that display Professor P’s skills as an emcee, and a fantastic scratch-chorus by DJ Akilles. Not very complicated, but very dope.

The concept for the video is quite simple. Some of Sweden’s best emcees, DJ’s, musicians and streetwear entrepreneurs brought together in a photobooth to enjoy music and have a good time. The director, Jacqueline Ragheb, describes it like this:

“During this shoot our colorful and artistic photobooth captured happiness on faces that can not be wiped away. Pro & Ak is brings hip-hop back to the roots and throughout this video we wanted to show love for the music, love for art and above all, love for life. This song gives us alot of energy and joy and our photobooth represents that.”

So come get some!




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