This film could easily be mistaken for a spot promoting fashion, fragrance or even vodka, but it’s actually the new pre-game intro that runs before basketball games at the Nets’ new home base, the Barclays Center. The Famous Group, which has worked with the Nets since 1997, created the piece around the theme “Arrival in Brooklyn.”

Shot in black and white, it debuted on 12 screens and onto the court at Barclays Center during the team’s season opener on November 3. It continues to sophisticated vibe found in the Brooklyn Nets’ other branding work, and stars players like Deron Williams, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson, who are captured with a sense of majesty as they arrive at the new stadium. The film also features an original hip hop track, “Brooklyn-Something to Lean On,” written and performed by John Forte.

“We wanted an idea that was as big and grand as the Barclays Center, and fresh and cool as Brooklyn,” said The Famous Group EP Andrew Isaacson in a statement. “This film captures that attitude.”

Brooklyn Nets 2012 Open from TheFamousGroup on Vimeo.



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